Create your digital menu, really simply

Taste'nPic is to improve the experience of your customers.

What's more objective than seeing your menu in image? In a few clicks your menu is online, visible from a simple browser, you receive a web address that you can share on networks.

You also receive a QR code for easier access to your menu

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Our priority, the customer experience


Your menu will be translated 5 languages ​​minimum (among 15 languages). And what more international and objective than a photo of reality?

Funny price

Also our pricing is very simple. / month + of initialization fees , without any engagement.

Happy customer

The experience of your customers increases, it is more statisfait, will consume better and more. Your turnover will increase

About Taste'nPic

How did this idea come to us?
Travelers traveling to foreign countries with a foreign language are quickly confronted with the language barrier.
What's more frustrating not to understand a menu while hunger is felt?

The reflex of all humans and observe the plates of neighboring tables to try to get an idea.
What's more objective than a photo instead of a description?

Why could not we see all the menu in picture at a glance.

Back in his homeland, one says that even in one's language it is not always easy to choose by trusting only a description.

Tastenpic is born

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Multi languages

Your menu will be translated in 5 languages ​​minimum

Get your own website

Get your website address, share it on socials networks

Very simple

  • Sign up
  • Add your info restaurant
  • Add categories of your menu
  • Add your meals in each categories
  • Insert picutre of each meal
  • Already inline

Search engine

You can acquire new customers who will search for a restaurant nearby via our search engine

Orders (comming soon)

Your customers can order directly from their phone, pay and share the bill, call a server, ...

Smart gallery photo (comming soon)

A powerful algorithm will propose to the users photos according to the geographical position, the preferences of the customers ... Those will be able to see to which restaurant the photo belongs and to taste the dish. Because yes, we eat with the eyes!